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Empty appointment slots are filled with new customers

We help create an online presence and profile - showcase your salon with reviews, images, and editorial content

Our easy to manage calendar widget makes it simple to update your availabilities in real time

Bookings can be taken 24/7, including after hours

The booking process is improved and simplified for your existing customers

Less of your time is spent on the phone and more on delivering a great in-salon experience

No-shows and cancellations are reduced with automated reminders

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What other salons are saying:

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"It's a great way for us to drive revenue by filling out otherwise empty chairs, either with new customers or existing customers who now book more often because the process is easier."

John – Salon Owner
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"LookBooker helps take care of our scheduling, which means that we can focus on providing better service to the customers in our salon without being constantly interrupted by the phone."

Haley – Stylist

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Salon Frequently Asked Questions

About LookBooker

LookBooker's aim is to provide a superior experience for both consumers and our salons. For salons of all sizes and varieties, here are some of the many things in it for you!

  • 24/7 mobile booking, allowing customers to find and book appointments at anytime, from anywhere, delivering you a higher volume of customers
  • Personalized salon profile page complete with detailed information – an instant and attractive presence in an online marketplace where consumers are browsing for salon just like yours
  • Lower administrative burden for staff so they can spend less time on the phone and more time meeting customer needs in the salon
  • Verified customer reviews will help promote your salon, attract new business, and give loyal customers another channel to spread the good news!
  • Automated SMS and email reminders to lower cancellations

LookBooker is currently available in New York City, though we are expanding to other US cities soon. Let us know where you are and we'll let you know when we can welcome you to the platform!

If you are a business who offers services in hair and beauty – salons, spas, nails, massage, hair removal, tanning or skincare we want to hear from you! Head on over to our Salon Info page and fill out your contact details. A LookBooker representative will contact you within 48 hours. Or simply drop us an email on

LookBooker is a real-time salon booking network that brings together the availabilities of multiple hair and beauty businesses (hairdressers, barbers, spas, massage, nails and more!) and lets consumers browse, book, and confirm appointments instantly from the comfort of their mobile or web device. Our vision is to create a marketplace that connects customers and salons, in a way that is simple, fast, and beneficial for everyone. For salons and spas, LookBooker provides an electronic booking channel that offers the benefits of being customer-focused and available around the clock. We empower you with an attractive online presence, help you reach new customers, improve back end booking processes, and reduce cancellations, while you get on with running your business. Think of us as your 24 hour receptionist and marketer.

How LookBooker works

LookBooker in NYC's go-to marketplace for on-the-go consumers to browse, compare, and book their salon, spa, and barbershop appointments. As your marketing partner, we promote you to our client base through the app and through our associated marketing channels. The end result for you is more confirmed bookings and more clients to love and grow your business with.

LookBooker gives your existing clients a new and convenient way to book appointments with you, 24/7. Just because your clients know and love the beauty services you provide, doesn't mean they want to wait on hold or have to sneak away from their desk at work to call and make appointments with you. Additionally, we help free up your time to look after them when they're in the salon and spa with you - instead of being interrupted by the phone, you can give them the kind of attention that makes them loyal and loving clients of yours forever.

We understand that every salon is different, to help set up LookBooker for your salon, a LookBooker representative will spend time with you and your team to customise your salon profile and service offering and guide you through the setup process. This includes everything from services offered, price range, staff member details, opening hours and more.

If your salon is full at the requested time, LookBooker will offer the client alternative times and days.

Yes. The Online Appointment Calendar allows you to block out times or days where you don’t want to allow customers to book. Alternatively, if you maintain a calendar with one of our integrated software partners (Booker, MINDBODY, Google) your LookBooker calendar will reflect the times blocked off in your calendar system.

Yes. Unlike other “online” booking systems, LookBooker doesn’t send salons more email enquiries or telephone hassle – booking made through us are 100% confirmed on both the consumer and salon end. Consumers live in an instant world and don’t want to wait around for a confirmation; if they have to, they’ll go somewhere else. We provide consumers the convenience of being able to make appointments when it suits them, and saves you from having to take phone calls during peak service periods, or after hours!

Yes! LookBooker caters to all types of salons and spas. All you need to participate is an internet connection or mobile phone. A LookBooker representative will help work with you to setup your account in the way that best works for your business.

We currently integrate with Booker, MINDBODY, and Google Calendar software systems. If you maintain your availabilities calendar via any of these systems we will be able to read your availabilities in real time and send you clients in your quiet periods. We're adding new integrations so check with us if your system is covered, or if you're considering switching software systems we're happy to help advise!

Appointment cancellations and changes

LookBooker sends automated appointment reminders (via email and SMS) to customers to remind them of their appointment with your salon. Experience in other industries has shown that reminder notifications significantly reduce no-show rates; they also mean that your staff members don’t need to spend their time calling customers to remind them of appointments, LookBooker takes care of this for you!

Yes. A verified credit card is required to place an appointment with LookBooker. In the rare instance that a client no-shows for an appointment they will be charged a $25 no-show fee. Thanks to our reminder notification system, this happens in less that 1% of appointments!

Pricing for salon partners

No. We understand that most of our partners are smaller salons, spas, and babershops who aren’t part of a large chain, and we want to partner with your business in a way that is sustainable and helps both of us grow. To find out more about our fees, please get in touch at

No. While it is possible to run promotions and special deals on LookBooker, this is not required and the vast majority of our services are listed at full price.

Salon reviews

LookBooker only allows real clients who have booked through us and attended an appointment to leave a review. By allowing only real clients to leave reviews, and leaving these reviews unedited, we ensure our reviews are the most informative and genuine in the market.

Businesses can receive negative reviews from time to time… whether on the LookBooker site or elsewhere. We suggest the following ways to deal with a negative review:

  • Take the feedback on board. There’s usually some cause to a negative review, and you should view being able to capture this information from your clients as a great way to improve your service offering and consumer experience.
  • Contact the client directly to resolve the differences.
  • Encourage other reviews. Help give other clients a well rounded view of your business by reminding other clients who have booked via LookBooker about the opportunity to provide feedback.
  • LookBooker filters our reviews for inexplicit and offensive language. Please contact our team if you come across any reviews that have not been correctly identified by our filter.
LookBooker has a commitment to giving both our salons and our users a positive experience. If your business consistently receives negative reviews, we will contact you to discuss the reason and try and reach a resolution together. You may also be removed off the LookBooker community.

Reviews provide important transparency between your business and your clients – they help clients make informed decisions and paint a more detailed picture of your business. At LookBooker we firmly believe in the importance of providing clients with reviews so they can compare businesses and services and providing your business with the feedback you need to provide an even better client experience.

LookBooker privacy policy

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