About LookBooker

At LookBooker our mission is to be the go-to partner for salons looking to connect with consumers and the go-to marketplace for consumers looking to connect with salons. We want to change the way you book hair and beauty appointments by providing a trusted marketplace which allows you to search, select, and instantly confirm appointments, 24 hours a day from any web or mobile device. We aim to make hair and beauty more convenient, more accessible, and more enjoyable – be that for your regular upkeep services, or your special occasion pampering.

LookBooker is new but we’re growing fast. Every week we are adding new salons and services to our platform and expanding into new neighborhoods. Check out our App to see if we’re in your area yet, or to see what next treatment will take your fancy.

If you have any feedback for us on how to make your salon booking experience every better, have a salon that you want to get on board, or would just like to chat, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line on team@lookbooker.co

How LookBooker Began

Lookbooker about 02

Have you ever wanted to book a haircut but your local hairdresser/barber was closed for the night so couldn't take your call? Or moved apartments and needed a new massage therapist to work out the stress of moving? Or wanted to schedule your regular wax in your open-plan office? All of these scenarios happened to our co-founders who began to ask themselves; why can we book our flights, accomodation, and takeaway food online... but not our salon appointments? The idea for LookBooker was born.


Lookbooker about 03

LookBooker is founded by Renee Robbie and Giorgia Rossi, who met while working together at global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. They share a passion for innovative startups, great design, and 6-weekly haircuts. Mortified at facing a future of booking their salon appointments by phone in open-plan offices forever more, they left their corporate jobs to build the solution and save others from this fate.